mandag den 26. august 2013

Last junko update

So i'm finally completely ready for genki, which is only a few days away now!
I've finished everything for my cosplay and for my act!!

Unfourtunatly i'm lacking a few pictures since i've been stressing so much and just had to get things done asap!

Let's start out with the base of my jacket!
As you can see i did remake the jacket so it has the right length now!
I really love how it turned out this time!

Here is a picture of the almost complete cosplay!
All i'm missing here is the badges and the bow (since i actually forgot to attatch both, but luckily i discovered it in time, phew!!)
And also the print on the tie, which is even facing the wrong side up on the pictures haha!
I'm not too satisfied with the tie though, it's neither long nor wide enough, but i'll have to remake that another time!
I love how the completed resault looks, even though it's my most revealing cosplay so far! (And probably the only revealing cosplay i'll ever make!!)
But i can live with it!!

Now on to the props for my act!

This took HOURS to make!!
The print is carefully cut out in pieces and put together piece by piece, but i'm SO satisfied with the final resault! (This is so going on my wall when i get home!)

And this is the last prop!
The pictures are going to be covered with normal pictures under the act though!
I can't wait to go on stage again, i'm going to be group 9 and i'm starting to get really nervous!!!!!

But that's it for now!
I'm having a mini-shoot in junko tomorrow just to get some pre-con pictures, so keep an eye out on my deviantart!
And finally, i decided to bring my zatanna with me to genki again this year!!

// Miku

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  1. This is so cool! My friend and I made a monobear kigurumi, so that's what i'm cosplaying ^^ Btw I would recommend you to read the "let's play" instead of only watching the anime if you do that, since there is A LOT of things the anime is lacking :3