mandag den 26. august 2013

Last junko update

So i'm finally completely ready for genki, which is only a few days away now!
I've finished everything for my cosplay and for my act!!

Unfourtunatly i'm lacking a few pictures since i've been stressing so much and just had to get things done asap!

Let's start out with the base of my jacket!
As you can see i did remake the jacket so it has the right length now!
I really love how it turned out this time!

Here is a picture of the almost complete cosplay!
All i'm missing here is the badges and the bow (since i actually forgot to attatch both, but luckily i discovered it in time, phew!!)
And also the print on the tie, which is even facing the wrong side up on the pictures haha!
I'm not too satisfied with the tie though, it's neither long nor wide enough, but i'll have to remake that another time!
I love how the completed resault looks, even though it's my most revealing cosplay so far! (And probably the only revealing cosplay i'll ever make!!)
But i can live with it!!

Now on to the props for my act!

This took HOURS to make!!
The print is carefully cut out in pieces and put together piece by piece, but i'm SO satisfied with the final resault! (This is so going on my wall when i get home!)

And this is the last prop!
The pictures are going to be covered with normal pictures under the act though!
I can't wait to go on stage again, i'm going to be group 9 and i'm starting to get really nervous!!!!!

But that's it for now!
I'm having a mini-shoot in junko tomorrow just to get some pre-con pictures, so keep an eye out on my deviantart!
And finally, i decided to bring my zatanna with me to genki again this year!!

// Miku

onsdag den 31. juli 2013

Junko act at genki

So since i suddenly got a really good idea for an act, i decided to participate in the cosplayshow at genki this year!
I'm going to be Junko on the stage, and for once, i'll have a few props with me on the stage!

I've been working on 3 of the props! This one is the first, it's almost done as you can see!
It only needs the top which will be a half styrofoam ball painted red!

Second prop is a monokuma plush!
The first try didn't turn out that good, so i made a few adjustments, and i'm pretty satisfied with how it looks now!
All it needs is a tail and then it's done!

Third prop is this one!
Both this one and the first one is constructed out of cardboard so it's easy to take apart and transport!
All i need here is some red fabric with the school crest on!
Here it's just covered with some black fabric just to get the idea!

And then i've finally gotten myself together to finish styling my wig!
Now that it's done i hope to make a make up test soon!

But i haven't started working on the cosplay itself yet, so this is all i have for now!!

- Miku

onsdag den 24. juli 2013

Junko wip1

I realized it's been a loooong time since i last updated my blog, again!
I'm sorry it keeps happening, but i'm really lazy haha!

So, genki is just around the corner, and for once, i'm onky going with a single cosplay this year, Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa!

And for once in a long time i will actually be performing in the cosplay show!
I'm really excited, i've written the act, so now i just need to record the sound and hope that my act will be accepted!

I've been working a little on my junko cosplay, but since i by mistake made the jacket too short i'm going to remake it!

As you can see it's way too short!
But, i'm really satisfied with how the skirt and sleeves turned out!

I also made the badges for the jacket and i've been working on the wig!

Tge badges are painted!

But, this is all i have for now!
I'll see if i can update again soon with some more costume wip and also props for the act!

- Miku

onsdag den 3. april 2013

Trickster Roxy and Rose

Heya guys~
Here is a small update on how far i am with some of my cosplays!
And also, due to personal opinion i have chosen to cancel my fionna cosplay at Svs and save it for another time!
I still haven't figured out what i want to use instead but i'll think of something!

But i am actually done with my Rose dress, the only thing i'm missing is the shoes!
I even used my Rose cosplay at a walk i went to last Saturday!
My friend Jessica and I went on a mini shoot and here is the picture i liked the best:

She really has some potential!
For more pictures, feel free to check out my Facebook page:

I also made a little prop for the cosplay, the thorns of oglogoth!
Here is the progress pictures!

And then i have been working on two of my Genki cosplays, Trickster Roxy and Vriska!
I made my vriska horns, and painted them!

And then i started working on the cotton candy for my Roxy wig

I used a styrofoam cone as base, gave it a layer of Fimo Air and then i used cotton which i separated a bit and used contact glue to attach it to the cone!
I only need to give the cotton a layer of spray paint but since i don't have pink spray paint laying around it'll have to wait!
And i also used wire which is hidden in the cone and the cotton to use to attach it to the wig when i get it!

And lastly i finished my scarf and just got it back from my mom today since she had to fix the ends for me!

I decided to not make it longer than this since i think it would become way to long if i made it the length i had planned!!

But while i have been working on my Genki cosplays i should have been focusing on my last Svs cosplay, my Rose kigu!
But i hope to get started on it either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow!

I also paid for both ticket and hotel for Svs plus i secured a ride to the con with a friend living near me!

And that's it for now!
Sorry for the long update haha!


tirsdag den 19. marts 2013

Cosplay update

Soooo i've been working on my svs cosplays and i even managed to almost finish one of them which is my dark squiddle dress for rose!
And yesterday i manged to finish my 'thorns of oglogoth'!
And i just gotta say, i worked on them for 2 days straight and it was hard for me to make! (I normally never make props!)
But well here is a little photodump!

Rose dress before i sow it together!

Then i got the sleeves on

And the collar!!

The belt!

And then the print!
I don't have a picture of me wearing the complete thing, but i promise i'll have one for next blog update!

And then my thorns of oglogoth

I started out buying the things i needed which was: knitting pins, air drying fimo and acrylic paint!

Started out with covering the knitting pins in the fimo

Then i sculpted the top

Then a layer of paint and there you have them! (The picture is pretty dark, the purple is a tad lighter irl!)

Aaaaand i also started on my little knitting project! My trickster roxy scarf!!

As you can see, it's progressing!
And i'm actually almost up on a meter now!!
I can't wait to finish this!

Oh and i had to change my plans a little!
I moved my vriska cosplay to genki and my kigustuck rose to svs!

And i already have all of the stuff i need for the costume + i bought the wire for my fionna hat, so now i just need to get to work!!

Sorry for the long update!!
But i hope you'll get a great easter vacation!

onsdag den 20. februar 2013

So sorry!!!

Okay i'm really sorry about not having updated my blog for such a long time but i have been super busy with moving and other stuff!!

But to begin with!
Unfortunately i won't be going to j-popcon this year due to not having sufficient funds for it!
But i will be going to svs and genki though!
And so far my plans look like this:


Fionna from adventure time


Vriska Serket from Homestuck


Rose Lalonde, dark squiddler dress from Homestuck

And then genki!


Kigu stuck Rose from Homestuck with Em as Jade


Aradia Megido, god tier from homestuck


Trickster Roxy also from Homestuck!

So yeah a lot of homestuck cosplays!!

And i have a few WiP pictures!


(I re-made the collar though!)


And then i've been working on a karkat cosplay!

(Bad picture, sorry!)

But i'll start working on my svs cosplays soon, fionna is luckily almost done! But i still need to work on the rest of them!
I'll start working on Rose one of these days and also my trickster Roxy!

But that's all i have for now kiddos

See you ~